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Organicpigments CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is specialized in Pigment industry.We are producing,Researching,exporting a full range of pigment .

We offer a wide variety of product including Organic Pigment,Inorganic Pigment,Flush Pigment,Photoluminescent Pigment,Pigment Presscake, Pigment chips, Metal Complex Solvent Dyes,Iron Oxide Pigment,Ceramic Pigment ,Enamel Pigment etc,Which is well used in the industries of Printing Inks,Coating,Plastic,Rubber, CompoUNd,Leather Chemical,Bill-Printing,Oil , Textile printing,Stationery,Glass,Ceramic,Cement.etc.More than 90% of Organicpigments  pigment are for export ……

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Organic Pigment
Organic Pigment
Flush Pigment
Flush Pigment
Photoluminescent Pigment
Photoluminescent Pigment

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Add:Nanyang Economic DevelUNmentZong,iaoshan,Hangzhou,China. (311227)









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